Naomi Mehmet & Partners Law Firm


One of our main areas of expertise is Conveyancing and North Cyprus property, development and construction transactions. Our highly qualified advocates and legal advisers have extensive experience of the Conveyancing procedures involved in the sale and purchase of both residential and commercial property. 

The team of Property and Conveyancing advisers is small enough to provide a personal service to our individual clients who are purchasing a holiday home, or moving permanently to Northern Cyprus, whilst sufficiently skilled and experienced to advise large construction companies and developers on multi-million pound property transactions. 

Our Property and Conveyancing Department provides legal advice on purchase permits, residency and work permits, import of furniture, vehicles and pets and other local requirements. Our team can also assist with boundary markings, boundary disputes, applications for lost title deeds, amalgamation of land, division of land, rights of way and all other property related issues. 

We have advised various large investment and development companies on the purchase of large pieces of Northern Cyprus land for the purposes of constructing residential complexes, hotels or commercial properties and on the mass purchase of new constructions for re-sale purposes and on the drafting of joint venture and other investment agreements, building contracts and contracts for commissioning the drawing of architectural plans. Our team of North Cyprus lawyers, advocates and legal advisers is also able to assist potential investors to obtain Government grants and incentives for carrying out property development projects in the T.R.N.C. 

In co-ordination with our consultant architects, engineers and accountants, we are also able to offer detailed advice on planning and building restrictions and Northern Cyprus property related tax issues. 

Our property lawyers are able to advise clients on all aspects of the leasing and licensing of property from the perspective of both landlords and tenants. We have assisted private individuals on the preparation of tenancy agreements for long term rentals of private property or for short-term holiday lets. We have also advised companies on the lease of commercial property and the drafting of operating licences and agreement and the procurement of long term leases from the Government.