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Coronavirus Measures - information re: residency permits

Many people are asking what they should do if their tourist or residency periods are due to run out and they are unable to leave the country or renew their residency during the Corona Virus restrictions. According to the information published by the Ministry of the Interior, the following provisions will be applied
Applications in person for residency are suspended
Online applications for residency are continuing
Applications for residency which have already been submitted will continue as long as this does not pose a public health risk
Those entitled to apply for residency but who are unable to do so during the suspension will be given a further 30 days after the end of the suspension to apply without penalty
Those who have entered the TRNC as a tourist and who have been unable to return to their home country during their tourist visa period due travel disruptions as a result of the Corona Virus, will be considered legally permitted to remain in the TRNC for 30 days. If necessary this may be extended by the Minister to 90 days.