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Coronavirus Measures - UPDATE (14th March)

The Council of Ministers has issued the following update to the Corona Virus measures:
1- Those with urgent medical problems will be given assistance in exiting the TRNC and flexibility in the 14 day isolation and observation period.
2- Citizens living beyond the Western border crossing in Pile and Beyarmudu will be given exemptions to the restrictions to enable them to continue their daily life
3 - The position with citizens working at British bases is unclear and discussions are continuing in relation to this
4 - Measures will be taken to avoid disruption to crossings by peace keeping forces and diplomatic missions
5- Measures will be taken with airlines and truck drivers to ensure supplies to supermarkets from abroad will continue
6 - flexibility will be given to tourists in the TRNC to enable them to return to their countries from the South
7- Private clinics, hospitals, veterinary clinics can remain open unless they wish to close
8- Bakeries will remain open to meet basic needs, but any cafe sections of any bakeries must close
9 - Barley sales will continue
10 - Dairy and milk production will continue
11 - The veterinary department, import and export offices, internet services will continue
12 - Local Municipalities will run with minimum staff
13 - All bus services will stop. Taxi services will continue
14 - Private security firms can continue working. Citrus harvesting and packaging will continue
15 - Restaurant take away and delivery services are suspended
16 - The Department of Work, Social Security and Provident Fund will run with minimum staff
17 - Nursing homes will continue to run
18 -Banks will be open with minimum functions and minimum staff
19 - Branches of banks will be open 1/2 day to meet the needs of businesses continuing to run during this time
20- A limited number of customers will be allowed into the banks
21 - People are urged to use ATMs and internet banking and to pay by credit or debit card
22 - The cheques of companies whose activities are suspended will be postponed until after 30th March
23- Further measures may be taken in relation to cheques
24 - The instalment or payment dates for loans owed to banks by any businesses whose activities have been suspended will be postponed
25 - Plans are being made to reduce the interest burden on businesses whose activities have been suspended
26 - Any social security or Provident fund payments due by 20th March will be postponed
27 - Social security payments arising between 1st March to 30th March for members of the TRNC Hoteliers Association and travel agencies will be postponed until 2021
28 - The Ministry will consider requests from businesses in other sectors
29 - Provisions will be put into place for social security payments to be made online
30 - Security forces chefs and civil personnel will continue to work
31 - Chemists will be open from 08.00 until 13.00. Duty chemists will be open until 01.00. There will be an extra duty chemist in each area
32 - Civil servants can be called to work if required
33 - Those failing to comply with the Council of Ministers decisions will be prosecuted