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Council of Ministers Announces New Corona Virus Measures

 The Council of Ministers has today,12th March 2020, announced further measures to reduce the risk of Corona Virus infection in the TRNC.

-       All schools, universities, creches and places of education will remain closed until 22nd March 2020

-       All sports, cultural and social activities at schools will be suspended until 3rd April 2020

-       In addition to the border crossings which are already closed, the Akyar and Yesilirmak border crossings will also be closed until 22nd March 2020. The Metehan, Ledra Palace and Beyarmudu border crossings will remain open

-       All cinemas, theatres, concerts, festivals, meetings and other mass gatherings will be cancelled until 22nd March 2020

-       Members of the public are urged not to travel abroad unless this is absolutely necessary and to avoid crowds

-       Entry to the TRNC from Italy, Iran, Iraq, China, South Korea, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, USA, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Holland, Denmark, UK, Sweden, Hong Kong, Belgium, Singapore, Australia, Qatar and Bahrain will be suspended until 1st April 2020. TRNC citizens or those with special immigration permission to enter the TRNC from these countries (i.e. those with residency/work/student permits) must stay at home for 14 days. Those breaching this will be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases Law

-       All sports competitions will be suspended until 22nd March 2020

-       Applications for new work permits for foreign nationals will be suspended until 22nd March 2020

-       Masks, gloves, disinfectant, antiseptic, etc will be controlled products and measures will be taken to prevent these from being stockpiled and sold for exploitative prices

The TRNC Bar Association has taken a decision not to permit any advocates to attend court for hearings or to file any documents with the Court Registrar. Therefore, any cases due to be heard during this time will be adjourned. We will notify any clients affected by this of their new hearing dates as and when we receive them.