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History Made as Bi-communal Waste Water Treatment Plant Is Opened

A bi-communal waste water treatment plant which will serve around 270,000 people on both sides of the border was opened near Haspolat in Northern Cyprus on 8th April 2014. The plant is expected to treat around 30,000 cubic metres per day producing 10 million cubic metres of high quality treated sewage effluent for irrigation. It will also produce over 3,000 tonnes of dry sludge compost for use as fertiliser. The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayors from both the Turkish Cypriot and the Greek Cypriot parts of the capital and EU Commissioner Stephen Fuller. The project uses the latest technology and is fully compliant with EU standards. The project is one of the most important bi-communal projects in the history of the island and is the biggest UNDP project ever undertaken in Cyprus. The project which had already been started in the South prior to 1974 was left only partially completed when war broke out. In 1978, leaders on both sides of the island agreed, with the support of the UNDP, to build a sewage system. The system became operational in 1980 as a result of co-operation between both Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot engineers. In 2003, however, the plant began to become overloaded and the two sides were brought together to discuss the situation. It was decided that redevelopment should be undertaken and that the opportunities of using the waste water should be explored.