Naomi Mehmet & Partners Law Firm

Launch of Naomi Mehmet & Partners new interactive website design

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new interactive website design in time for the new year of 2014.

The project began in February 2013 when Adv. Naomi Mehmet enlisted the assistance of her colleagues, Christopher Maher and Tule Goksan, to brainstorm ideas from updating the design of the website. What began as a seemingly simple proposal to update the website with new information and photographs evolved into the larger assignment for the complete redesign.

Christopher Maher and Tule Goksan used their initiative and creativity whilst personally taking a broad selection of photographs, both inside and outside of the office, which would eventually feature throughout our new website.

Following our initial internal discussions, we then presented our ideas to web designers based locally and abroad and subsequently instructed an enthusiastic team of designers who brought our ideas to life. 

We hope that our new interactive website design will assist our clients, old and new, with finding the information and legal services they require.