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Changes to tax on rental income and taxes on purchase of property
On 29th August 2018, a Council of Ministers decision was published in the Official Gazette introducing a number of temporary measures to try to counter the current economic issues arising from the recent depreciation in the value of the Turkish Lira. >>>

New title deeds being issued as a result of the Land Registry’s transition to a metric system
The TRNC Land Registry is currently in the process of transitioning to a metric system. The previous system of measuring land area in square feet, evleks and donums is being phased out and replaced with a system of measuring land area in square metres. >>>

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Deadline for applying to the Immovable Property Commission extended
The deadline for applying to the Immovable Property Commission has been extended for a further minimum of two years, i.e. until December 2019. >>>

Celebrating Ozden’s 10th Anniversary with the firm
Naomi Mehmet & Partners celebrated Ozden Ozenir’s 10th Anniversary with the firm with a surprise lunch at İbelli Restaurant. Ozden joined Naomi Mehmet & Partners on 5th March 2007 and is the longest serving member of staff. >>>

Road Tax Amnesty
The Government has introduced a temporary road tax amnesty. >>>

In recent months, we have shared a number of articles regarding email fraud. Some recent cases have involved the interception of email communications between lawyers and property purchasers. >>>

Important information regarding gas tank licences and registrations
Under new rules and requirements effective as of 1st February 2016, a licence must be obtained from the District Office in respect of any gas tanks installed at properties in the TRNC >>>

Tracey Blissett of Naomi Mehmet & Partners completes a 'sober October' for charity
In September, Tracey Blissett of Naomi Mehmet & Partners decided that she would undertake a ‘sober October’ and raised a total of 2210TL for charity. >>>

Naomi Mehmet & Partners enjoys their Christmas party
The Naomi Mehmet & Partners team enjoyed their annual Christmas party on Saturday night. This year's event was held at the Fez bar and restaurant in Catalkoy >>>