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TRNC Presidential elections
Presidential elections were held in the TRNC yesterday, 20th April 2015. Participation in the election was around 62.5%. Polling stations closed at 18.00 and shortly after 21.00 most of the votes had been counted. >>>

Courts are closed for the judicial holiday
As of 1st July 2014 through to 15th September 2014 all district courts in Northern Cyprus are closed for the judicial holiday. Only urgent applications and criminal cases can be heard during this period. >>>

Work experience placements during the summer of 2014
We are currently accepting applications for work experience placements during the summer of 2014. >>>

Proposals to allow Turkish Cypriots to apply to the IPC
The TRNC government has announced that it is planning to take steps to enable Turkish Cypriots who left property in the South in 1974 to apply to the Immovable Property Commission to seek a remedy in relation to their property >>>

Spouses Can Now Purchase One TRNC Property Each
In the wake of recent speculation that the TRNC is heading for another ‘Annan Plan style property boom’, the Government has taken a further step towards boosting the country’s property market and encouraging foreign investment by announcing a further change to the policy on foreign property ownership. >>>

History Made as Bi-communal Waste Water Treatment Plant Is Opened
A bi-communal waste water treatment plant which will serve around 270,000 people on both sides of the border was opened near Haspolat in Northern Cyprus on 8th April 2014. >>>

North Cyprus is Heading For A ‘Property Boom’
According to reports in the Cyprus Today (1st March 2014), real estate officials in the TRNC are predicting another Annan-Plan style property boom. >>>

Historic Relics Found in the Karpaz - (Reported Cyprus Today 1st March 2014)
Bronze Age Relics dating back around 2300 years and quoted to be some of the richest ever discovered in the region were discovered at Kaleburnu in the Karpaz area of Northern Cyprus. >>>

The High Administrative Court Upholds the Decision of the IPC to Add the TRNC Religious Foundation as a Party to the ‘Lordos’ Case
On 28th February 2014, the TRNC’s High Administrative Court upheld the decision of the Immovable Property Commission (IPC) in an Application submitted to the IPC by Andreas Lordos Estates to allow the Department for Religious Affairs, as the Trustee of a Turkish Religious Foundation, to be added as a party to the Application. >>>

Homosexual Sex Decriminalised
On 27th January 2014, the Parliament of the TRNC voted to change the law criminalising homosexual sex. >>>