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Coronavirus Measures - UPDATE (29th May 2020)

At the meeting of the Council of Ministers which took place on 29th May 2020, the following decisions were taken:
- From 1st June 2020 TRNC citizens whose usual place of residence is in the TRNC will be allowed to return to the TRNC. The quarantine fees will be paid for by the state.
- During the month of June charter flights will be arranged.
- From 8th June 2020 non-citizens who have TRNC work permits, residency permits or student permits will be allowed to return to the TRNC, but will be responsible for paying their own quarantine fees.
- Provided that there are no changes to the current circumstances, tourists and other nationals will be allowed to enter the TRNC from 1st July 2020, subject to regulations to be determined by the Ministry of Health.
- The nighttime curfew will end from 1st June 2020.