Naomi Mehmet & Partners Law Firm



We have been notified that another law firm in the Kyrenia area has recently had their email account hacked. This has apparently resulted in emails being sent (by the hackers posing as the law firm) to clients who were due to transfer funds to the firm’s client account requesting that they instead transfer their funds to another account (belonging to the hackers). Some of these clients, believing the message to be genuine, sent their funds to that account. We understand that the local police are now investigating the matter further in co-ordination with Scotland Yard and the Fraud Office in an attempt to locate the missing funds.

In light of this, we would like to remind all clients to exercise vigilance in checking their emails, in particular the email address, recipients and content/format of the message.

For example, all emails sent from Naomi Mehmet & Partners will be sent from our domain (eg. [name], directly to the recipient’s email address (i.e. not sent to ‘undisclosed recipients’) and will be addressed to the recipient personally (i.e. not addressed to ‘sir/madam’).

Furthermore, any funds we request should only be transferred to our client trust account at Garanti Bank in the TRNC. If you receive any unusual or suspicious emails, or any messages requesting that funds be transferred to any other account, please do not reply to the email and contact us immediately by telephone on (009) 0392 816 0440.