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Limited time offer: 10% OFF making a Will

Whether you are a permanent resident or someone who only visits a few times a year, we recommend that you have a Will prepared if you own a property in the TRNC or have any other assets (for example, bank accounts or vehicles) in the TRNC.

Virtually everyone postpones writing a Will; perhaps due to the misconception that by making a Will you are tempting fate or perhaps due to the costs involved. In recent years, as the global financial crisis has caused everyone to tighten their belts, we have seen more and more clients not making Wills at all. Whatever the reason for putting off making a Will, many people do not realise that writing one actually prevents what is feared. In fact, a Will may be the most important document that you ever make because it allows you to choose who will receive what you own when you die. If you do not have a Will in place, your assets will be distributed in accordance with TRNC law.

For a limited period until 30th June 2020, we are offering a 10% discount in respect of the fees for making a Will. Our usual fees for Wills are £175 + VAT per person. However, the discounted fee, valid until 30th June 2020, shall be £157.50 + VAT per person. This includes lodging the will in the Court and the necessary Court stamps.

If you have any questions or require any assistance in relation to your Will, please contact us by telephone on (009) 0392 816 0440 or by email on and we shall be pleased to assist you.

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