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Naomi Mehmet & Partners contributes funds towards refurbishment of kitchen area in the Children's Ward at the Nicosia State Hospital

Last week, Naomi Mehmet was invited to the formal hand-over of the newly refurbished kitchen area in the Children's Ward at the Nicosia State Hospital. In 2013, Naomi's son, Leo, was admitted to the hospital and underwent surgery for pyloric stenosis when he was just 4 weeks old. Naomi stayed with him during his time on the children's ward. Although the treatment which Leo received at the hospital was excellent, Naomi struggled with the lack of facilities for parents. The kitchen area was in a very bad and run-down state without any means of boiling water to make up her baby's formula or sterilise bottles. After Leo's recovery, Naomi contacted the Children in Need Foundation and together they entered into a joint project to refurbish the kitchen area. Naomi Mehmet & Partners contributed £2000 to the project and the rest of the cost was raised by the Children in Need Foundation who also carried out the actual renovation work. The project included the complete re-tiling of the kitchen area and the installation of new cupboards and worktops and a new sink. A kettle, a microwave and a steriliser were also purchased.