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New title deeds being issued as a result of the Land Registry’s transition to a metric system

The TRNC Land Registry is currently in the process of transitioning to a metric system.  The previous system of measuring land area in square feet, evleks and donums is being phased out and replaced with a system of measuring land area in square metres. As a result, new metric title deeds are being issued for all properties in the TRNC on a staggered basis by area. At present, properties located in the following areas have been issued with updated title deeds:

Kyrenia District:

-          Esentepe

-          Bahçeli

Famagusta District:

-          Tatlısu

Iskele District:

-          İskele

-          Yeni İskele

-          Çayırova

-          Boğaz

For properties in these areas, the new title deeds are required in the event of a sale. Property owners can make an application to the relevant District Land Registry for the new updated title deeds with the following items:

-          Existing title deed for the property

-          Their Passport(s) or ID card(s)

-          The relevant Land Registry fee – 31.50 Turkish Lira per person per Title Deed (subject to change).

Once the application is made, the Land Registry usually issue the new updated Title Deed within a couple of weeks.

If you are unable to visit Cyprus in order to obtain your new updated Title Deeds personally, then we can obtain these on your behalf provided that we hold a valid and sufficient Power of Attorney for you as the property owner(s) named on the Title Deed. Our fee is £50 for properties in the Kyrenia District and £100 for properties in other Districts, plus the above-stated disbursements of 31.50 Turkish Lira per person per title deed plus 94.50 Turkish Lira per person for the additional stamps which must be applied to each Power of Attorney.

If your property is located in one of the above areas, we would recommend that you obtain the updated deeds as soon as possible to avoid any delays in the event that you wish to sell your property in the future.