Naomi Mehmet & Partners Law Firm


Our lawyers have extensive experience in this legal field and are specialists in the drafting of North Cyprus wills and trust deeds and contentious probate issues. 

Whether you are a permanent resident or someone who only visits a few times a year, we recommend that you have a will prepared if you own a property or have any other assets (for example, bank accounts or vehicles) in the TRNC. Making a will is very easy to do and ensures that all your belongings will be shared between the people of your choice.

An important point that should be noted is that if you die intestate (i.e. without leaving a Will) your spouse will not automatically inherit your estate, if there are surviving children (in which case a surviving spouse will only receive a 1/6th share and the remaining 5/6th will go to any surviving children) or other specified relatives. In association with our recommended financial advisors, we can also provide advice on estate and inheritance tax planning which is especially important for those with assets both in Northern Cyprus and abroad as there are no double taxation treaties in place between the TRNC and most other jurisdictions.

Our English speaking lawyers are able to prepare your will based upon your precise requirements and your own personal circumstances and ensure that your will is streamlined and easy to understand, and less jargon orientated. 

Our lawyers are also able to assist with, and provide advice on, the establishment and administration of the estate of a deceased person, contentious wills and other probate matters, including completing the relevant processes to obtain the Grant of Probate for the Estate of the deceased, completing the necessary application to the Tax Office for the inheritance tax assessments, assisting with completing the registration of the deceased’s assets into the name of the beneficiaries or distributing the deceased’s assets among the beneficiaries.

It is a common misconception that all law firms in the TRNC charge a percentage of the value of the Estate for assisting with probate matters and/or acting as the Executor. However, at Naomi Mehmet & Partners, we charge a fixed fee depending on the complexity of the Estate and not a percentage of the value of the Estate. If you require any further information regarding our fees for drafting of wills and/or assisting with probate matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.