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The coastline of Northern Cyprus is surrounded by the azure Mediterranean Sea which provides many opportunities for sunbathing and water sport activities. The best known are those situated in Kyrenia, Famagusta and Karpaz.


Kyrenia beaches provide an excellent condition for sunbathing and swimming as well as for the sport activities, eg. snorkelling, scuba diving or water skiing. You can choose from busy beaches with many facilities and services or almost deserted beaches where you can relax and enjoy the silence. The famous Turtle Beach, Alagadi, is located to the East of Kyrenia. In season, you can watch the turtle hatchlings making their first journey into the water and you can visit the Turtle conservation centre.


The beaches in Famagusta are famous for their length and cleanliness. Some of them are private and are subject to an entrance, but they provide high-quality services, including beach bars, umbrellas and sun loungers.  


Karpaz provides beautiful sandy beaches, including the well known Malibu Beach with crystal clear water or the Golden Sands beach which is a 5 mile stretch of stunning coastline, which remains completely untouched and undeveloped and it is a nesting place for turtles. 


In Northern Cyprus, there are no official nudist beaches as nudism is forbidden.