Naomi Mehmet & Partners Law Firm


Naomi Mehmet & Partners, North Cyprus law firm, has reciprocal links with law firms in jurisdictions outside of Northern Cyprus. By forming these associations, we are able to ensure that our clients with interests both in Northern Cyprus and in other countries or with cross-border issues can benefit from expert local knowledge and professional legal advice in both jurisdictions, at the same time, provided seamlessly and efficiently by our Northern Cyprus advocates, lawyers and legal advisors and our associates working together to achieve the best results for our mutual clients. 

Naomi Mehmet & Partners has links with ABS Solicitors LLP which is based in Ilford and serves mainly the North and East London and Essex areas. ABS Solicitors LLP specialise in Immigration, Conveyancing, Litigation and Wills and Probate and are able to offer advice in Turkish, Urdu and Punjabi