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Guide to new Immovable Property Laws of 21.05.24
On 21st May 2024, the TRNC Government passed new legislation affecting the purchase of immovable property in North Cyprus. The law affects both new purchasers intending to purchase property in the future and existing purchasers who have already purchased a property prior to the law coming into force. >>>

Change to Land Registry transfer fees
Under a change to the regulations published in the Official Gazette on 7th February 2024, the Land Registry transfer fees... >>>

Coronavirus update - lockdown extended
The Council of Ministers has extended the current lockdown until 05.00 on 22nd February 2021. >>>

Coronavirus update - 4th February 2021
The Council of Ministers took further decisions on 4th February 2021 >>>

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - 26th January 2021
In light of today’s Council of Ministers decision, our office will be closed until Thursday 11th February 2021. We will continue to monitor emails remotely during this time. >>>

The Government has announced that the temporary reductions in respect of the Land Registry transfer fees have been extended until 31st December 2021. >>>

TRNC Ministry of Health announces changes to the entry requirements for persons arriving from the UK
On 10th August 2020, the TRNC Ministry of Health took a decision that, from 13th August 2020, travelers arriving from the UK will no longer need to complete quarantine in a government-approved quarantine hotel and can instead self-isolate at home for seven days. >>>

Coronavirus Update - change to entry requirements for persons arriving from Category B countries
The Minister of Health Dr. Ali Pilli announced today, 2nd July 2020, that persons who are required to undergo a second PCR test on arrival in the TRNC will have to stay in an approved quarantine facility until the PCR test results come through. >>>

Coronavirus Update - entry requirements - list of countries in each category
The full list of countries in each category has been revised and updated. >>>

Coronavirus Update - entry requirements
The TRNC Council of Ministers has announced the entry requirements for persons able to enter the TRNC from 1st July 2020. >>>