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Naomi Mehmet & Partners enjoys their Christmas party
The Naomi Mehmet & Partners team enjoyed their annual Christmas party on Saturday night. This year's event was held at the Fez bar and restaurant in Catalkoy >>>

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Deadline for applying to the Immovable Property Commission extended
The deadline for applying to the Immovable Property Commission has been extended for a further two years until December 2017. >>>

Naomi Mehmet & Partners - 10th anniversary celebratory dinner
The staff of NMPlegal rounded off the celebration of the firm’s 10th anniversary with a celebratory dinner at Bellapais Gardens on Friday night. >>>

The 29th October 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the formation of Naomi Mehmet & Partners law firm. >>>

We have been notified that another law firm in the Kyrenia area has recently had their email account hacked. >>>

Coca-Cola Bypasses the TRNC Embargoes
he Coca-Cola Company has announced that it has commenced production in North Cyprus for the first time. >>>

New electronic meters introduced by the Cyprus Turkish Electric Authority (Kıb-Tek)
The Cyprus Turkish Electric Authority (Kıbrıs Türk Elektrik Kurumu - Kıb-Tek) has recently installed new electronic meters at properties throughout the TRNC with a view to modernising the billing system. >>>

The recent case of Heather Ilott has made headlines in the UK.
However, many people do not realise that freedom of testamentary disposition is already restricted in many jurisdictions including the TRNC… >>>

New Changes to UK Inheritance Tax
In July 2015 George Osborne announced changes to UK inheritance tax laws. >>>