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Coronavirus update - 4th February 2021

**Covid-19 Update**

The decisions taken by the Council of Ministers on 4th February 2021 are as follows:
1. There will be a curfew from 20.00 on 5th February 2021 until 05.00 on 15th February 2021. This will cover the whole day. People will not be allowed to leave their homes, apart from in the permitted circumstances. Any permission documents to be obtained must state that the residential address of the person to whom permission has been granted or the place where the relevant duty will be carried out by that person.
2. The regulations regarding the services which are to be carried out in the districts are as follows:
- Petrol stations, grocers, butchers, fishmongers, supermarkets and other businesses providing basic needs will be open from 08.00-17.00
- Bakeries can continue to carry out production, apart from on Sundays
-In each area, the number of duty chemists will be doubled and chemists will provide services between 08.00-24.00.
- Suppliers of the businesses which are permitted to be open will be able to provide services between 17.00-20.00, but not on Sundays.
- On Sundays, all businesses, apart from duty chemists, will be closed.
- Restaurants and take-away/delivery services will be closed.
- Walking and other sports activities are not permitted during this time.
- Sales of animal feed and barley and animal feed and flour production activities will be suspended. However, in urgent circumstances, these may be opened with permission from the security department in the area.
- Production of milk and dairy products will continue
- Provision of services by internet service providers (urgent breakdowns) will continue
- Private security firms will continue to work
- Water and soft drinks sellers and distributors will continue to provide services
- Animal farming and agriculture sectors will continue their activities.
3. Those who have received permission from their district security department to go to one of the businesses which are open must go to the nearest one to their home.
4. Entry and exit between districts will be suspended. During this time, police officers, health workers, carers of elderly people, press, private laboratory workers, fire fighters and civil aviation workers who work between districts can continue their activities.
5. The electricity board, municipalities, and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which issues import and export licences, will work with minimum staff in order to avoid disruption to services.
6. Import-export and citrus production sectors and transport services relating to these services will be open.
7. Security forces, police, customs, health, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Trade and the Chamber of Industry will continue their activities with minimum personnel in order to avoid a disruption to services.
8. Until 17 February 2021, all state and private schools, including pre-school, primary school and secondary school and including private lessons and tutoring, will be closed for face to face lessons and will move onto online education. In view of the curfew, special needs education will also be suspended. In order to avoid disruption to the services which are to remain open, creches may open according to demand.
9. People living in the TRNC undergoing treatment in the South (and their carers if necessary) will be allowed to cross to the South for the day without having to quarantine with permission to be obtained from the Ministry of Health. Patients and their carers must have with a PCR test carried out within the 3 days prior to crossing. Further PCR tests will be undertaken on 7th and 14th day from the patient’s return to the TRNC after the treatment has been completed and the results must be notified to the Ministry of Health.
10. Those carrying out contactless trade in accordance with the Green Line Regulations can continue trading without being subject to quarantine, provided that they obtain permission from the security department in their district.
11. All crossings via the Yeşilırmak crossing, except for crossings by ambulance for health reasons, will be subject to quarantine
12. Due to the curfew, crossings by those living and working in Pile will be subject to permission from the security department in the district.
13. UN, EU, British bases, Buffer Zone and Peace Force staff will be permitted to enter without quarantine with a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours
14. Those who have been in the UK, Holland, Denmark or South Africa within the last 14 days will only be allowed to enter the TRNC if they are TRNC citizens and their permanent place of residence is the TRNC and must spend 14 days at a central quarantine facility.
15. Only first degree relatives will be permitted to attend funerals.
16. Crossing of the border by those who live in the TRNC and work in the South will be subject to quarantine until a further decision. A PCR test taken within 7 days will be required for crossing.
17. Crossing of the border by those who live in the South and work in the TRNC will be subject to quarantine until a further decision
18. Those who live in the TRNC but who cross to the South for education must continue their education online.
19. People living in Beyarmudu carrying our animal farming and agriculture in the bases area will be permitted to cross the border for the day without being subject to quarantine in order to carry out their activities.
20. The security department in the relevant district will be responsible for issuing permissions to leave the house for urgent needs other than those detailed above.
21. The carrying out of PCR tests and Covid-19 vaccinations will continue as stipulated by the Ministry of Health and in accordance with announcements to be made by the Ministry of Health.