Naomi Mehmet & Partners Law Firm


Nicola Wadsworth

Cashier and Legal Assistant

Responsibilities within the firm: Nicola joined the firm in 2008 as a Legal Secretary and to provide support to the lawyers. Nicola assists with all aspects of Conveyancing. In 2018, Nicola was appointed as the firm’s Cashier. In this role, Nicola processes all incoming and outgoing client money and deals with accounts queries.

Experience: Nicola gained vast experience during her career in the UK in Office Management, Finance and Information Technology by working for a period of eleven years at a blue chip company in Nottingham

Özden Özenir

Purchase Permit and Transfer of Title Co-ordinator

Responsibilities within the firm: Özden joined the firm in 2007 as our Purchase Permit and Transfer of Title Co-ordinator to process purchase permit applications and carry out Land Registry work.

Experience: Özden graduated from the Eastern Mediterranean University, Tourism Department with a degree in Hospitality Management. After graduating, Özden worked as Sales & Marketing Executive at the Jasmine Court Hotel until 2006. 

Hakan Temizyürek

Transfer of Title Co-ordinator and Outdoor Clerk

Responsibilities within the firm: Hakan joined the firm in 2008 as Outdoor Clerk. Hakan carries out transfers of title and Contract registrations at the Land Registry. Hakan also carries out all other off-site administration duties at the Tax Office, Land Registry, District Office, Registrar of Companies and other public offices and arranges for the certification of documents by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Experience: Hakan graduated from the Eastern Mediterranean University with a degree in Economics in 2004 and then worked for a well-known accountancy firm in Kyrenia before joining Naomi Mehmet & Partners.

Huseyin Baflı

Legal Assistant

Responsibilities within the firm: Hüseyin joined the firm in October 2017. Hüseyin provides support to the conveyancing lawyers and assists with all aspects of conveyancing matters.

Experience: After graduating from the University of Hertfordshire in 2013 with a BA in Philosophy with Journalism and TV, Hüseyin relocated to North Cyprus. Hüseyin worked as a showroom manager for a well-known furniture shop for two years where he gained excellent customer-service and business management skills.